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Excellence ADULT pure lamb

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Super-Premium Dog Food

The natural consistency of these high quality ingredients and the high percentage of fresh meat in the grau Excellence range increases the foods palatability.

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Product properties:

  • high percentage of human food quality fresh meat (at least 70 %)
  • easily digestible, vitamin-rich vegetables (at least 2 %)


Kaal -


beef and poultry meat as well as innards (overall at least 70 %, contains at least 35 % beef, contains at least 35 % poultry consisting of meat, liver, heart, stomach, rumen, lungs), vegetables (at least 2 %, broccoli, spinach, potatoes, parsnip, each 0.5 %), broth, calcium carbonate
Analytical ingredients and additives:

Please refer to the table (PDF)
Feeding Recommendations:

As a reference value we recommend 200 g of canned food per day for a dog with a body weight of 10 kg.
small dogs approx. 200 g/day
medium dogs approx. 400 g/day
large dogs approx. 800 g/day


1×400 gr, 6×400 gr


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