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Calcium Powder

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Calcium Powder/Naturally pure bone meal

The natural calcium supply protects the skeleton and bones.



Naturally pure bone meal:

Support for bone and skeletal structure through an additional calcium supply. The natural and additional calcium supply for dogs and cats with natural minerals and trace elements. Especially in growth, this is important for the skeletal structure and a strong dentition.

  • strengthens skeleton and teeth
  • particularly high bioavailability



100% ground bones (beef)

Analytical components:
Crude protein 0.2%, Crude oils and fats 0.3%, Crude fiber 0.3%, Crude ash 81.4%, Sodium 0.016%, Magnesium 0.022%, Calcium 35.7%, Phosphorus 25.6%

Puppies, small dogs and cats up to 10 kg approx. 0.5 g daily
Young dogs and dogs up to 25 kg to 2.0 g daily
Dogs up to 40 kg to 5.0 g daily
Dogs from 40 kg to 7.0 g daily

A 0.5 g measuring spoon is enclosed with the packaging.

Due to the high usable calcium content, you really only need a small amount of our bone meal per day for a medium sized dog! Please do not overdose.

Tip: for BARFER we offer Calcium Plus, which you will also find in the online shop. This allows calcium to be dosed precisely to the ration design.


175 g, 400 g, 900 g


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