Calcium Plus

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Calcium Plus

Ideal for calcium supplementation of fresh meat diets

Calcium Plus is a natural product, its minerals have a very high bioavailability. Therefore small amounts are sufficient to optimize the nutritional composition.



Product properties:

Raw meat contains very little calcium. Calcium Plus optimizes a home-made ration of fresh meat and vegetables / cereals.

Calcium forms the skeleton and teeth. In growth calcium should never be overdosed and the calcium-phosphorus ratio of 1.2 to 1.4 Ca: 1P (ideal) must be considered.

Therefore adjust the daily calcium amount to the other components of your chosen diet.




red algae limestone (lithothamnium calcareum, dried and ground) Contents: crude protein 0.3 %, crude oils and crude fat 0.4 %, crude fibre 2.1 %, crude ash 93.5 %, moisture 1 %
Ingredients of crude ash:

calcium 32 %, phosphorus 0.08 %, potassium 0.43 %, magnesium 2.2 %
Special properties:

Ideal for the calcium supply for raw meat feeding. Calcium Plus contains 300 mg Calcium in 1 g of powder.
Directions for use:

adult dogs with a body weight of 10 kg about 3 g/day
20 – 40 kg about 6 g –12 g/day
more than 40 kg about 15 g/day


175 g, 400 g


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