Biotin Forte tablets

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Biotin Forte tablets

For beautiful coat and a solid horn structure



Biotin forte tablets

  • for a supple, tight-fitting coat
  • for an intact hair structure
  • for hard-wearing claws & hooves
  • for a nice coat

Firm, dense, shiny fur and smooth, elastic, dandruff-free skin are a clear indicator of vitality and well-being in dogs and horses.

Biotin (vitamin H)

is responsible for making keratin. Keratin is the main constituent of hair and claws and therefore very important for the strength and elasticity of these structures. Biotin is not sufficiently present in meat and grains and should therefore be added to the diet. Since both the daily needs and the microbial synthesis of biotin in the intestine of the carnivores are subject to fluctuations, the supply of vitamin H can be safely covered by regular daily addition of Biotin Forte. Even with increased need in growth, during the change of coat, during pregnancy or in older animals, you prevent deficiency symptoms. Yeast as a valuable ingredient of this product provides many native vitamins, including the vitamin B complex and vitamin C.



Milk and dairy products, vegetables (herbs 15%), yeasts, vegetable by-products, algae, minerals

Analytical components:
Crude protein 14.3%, Crude oils and fats 1.5%, Crude fiber 0.5%, Crude ash 8.7%, Humidity 4.0%

Nutritional additives per kg:
Vitamin H (biotin) 500,000 μg

As a basic amount, each dog (puppies from self-feeding) needs 1 g per day per kg of body weight.

small dogs 1 tablet 1-2 times daily
big dogs 2 to 3 times 2 to 3 tablets
Horses 2 times a day 8 to 12 tablets

No tbl.

100 tbl, 400 tbl


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